Welcome to our professional training center! We are delighted to offer an exceptional baking and barista training experience for aspiring culinary artists. Our team of experienced trainers is committed to providing comprehensive training that will help you master the art of baking and coffee-making. Here, you will learn the necessary skills and techniques to create various kinds of delicious desserts and become a skilled barista capable of preparing different types of coffee to suit any taste.

But wait, there‚Äôs more! Our center offers culinary art training that is designed to help you perfect your cooking skills. You’ll have the opportunity to experience our hands-on approach and practice your newfound knowledge, setting you up for success in the culinary industry.

Would you like to visit us? We are located at 34 KK 15 Road, Kicukiro, Rwanda. You can reach us on the phone at +250788459636. Contact us today to start your remarkable journey to becoming a professional baker, barista, or culinary expert!