We make the best burger in Kigali

We offer delicious burgers made by expert chefs, with great service and satisfaction guaranteed. Thank you for choosing our restaurant.

Specials Combo

Our delicious burgers

+ Accompaniment options for a burger include chips, ketchup, and mayonnaise.

+30 Min of delivery

Specials Combo

Our delicious Pizza

+30 Min of delivery


Baked with natural ingredient

Fresh Bread

Great bread = great burger. Enhances flavor, texture & prevents sogginess.

Lettuce Leaf

Patty and toppings of your choice between two lettuce leaves. Enjoy a healthy meal without the excess carbs.

Glow Cheese

Our burgers need melted cheese for extra flavor and richness.

Mild Butter

Our burger is made with mild butter for a delicious and elevated taste.

Sleek Onion

Our burgers are enhanced with sleek onion – thinly sliced, crisp texture for a balanced and flavorful bite.

Slices Beef

Our succulent beef burger bursts with flavor and texture in every bite.

Specials Cakes

Our delicious Cakes


Choose your combo & order now!


Butter fried whole grilled chicken

Savor the flavor of summer with our tender, juicy Butterflied Grilled Chicken. Expertly seasoned and flame-kissed to perfection, it’s the ultimate BBQ delight. Taste the difference today! order will be completed in 45 min

Whole Goat with Pilawu

Whole Goat, perfectly paired with our exquisite Pilawu rice! Savor the succulent flavors of tender goat meat, expertly seasoned and cooked to perfection, complemented by the aromatic blend of spices in our Pilawu rice.  Order before  a day to get Hot and well cooked whole Goat


Choose what you want, select a pick up time

Milanova offers free country wide delivery, so you can have your purchases delivered without any hidden costs.


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Earn points with every order and redeem them after 12 purchases or accumulating enough. Keep shopping for rewards.


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Culinary excellence

Unlock the secrets of culinary mastery with Milanova Fast Food. From mastering food safety to perfecting the art of plating, our courses cover it all. Dive into the world of artisanal baking, elevate your dessert game, and tantalize your taste buds with our snacks preparation classes. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, join us on a delicious journey of endless possibilities. Explore our courses now and let your culinary dreams soar!


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